Raymond Tan

Raymond has more than thirty years of experience in global financial markets with exceptional strength in fund management, sophisticated investment strategy implementation and research. He is the CEO of CP Global Asset Management Private Limited. Prior to his current appointment, he held managerial positions with established financial institutions in Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan and Taiwan, where he has frequently lectured on investment markets.


Roy Wong

Roy Wong has more than 30 years’ experience in the financial markets, for over twenty years of which he held senior managerial positions with international money brokerage firms, managing futures trading, money market; foreign exchange swaps, and fixed income desk. He has a good standing in brokering financial products and was among the pioneers’ derivative trader in SIMEX and also brokering Singapore Government Securities and bond futures in SGX.

Our CEO, Mr. Raymond Tan is a Global Macro hedge fund manager with over 30 years of proven track record investing in global markets.

Over the decades, Raymond has built a loyal following of institutional and private investors with his disciplined approach and forward-looking ideas & strategies. He leads and is supported by an experienced team of investment professionals, economists, data scientists, quantitative analysts and technology engineers across the Asia-Pacific region.

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